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Where did LANA go?

Everywhere!!! Hahaha! Welcome back to my blog everybody!

Buzz, buzz, buzz.....I love being in motion with my work!

Glenbow instructors re-enacting a portrait

In June I met some amazing instructors through the Glenbow Museum/Open Minds School whose commitment to developing their skills for reaching children was impressive! I designed an interactive journal and we played with images from the “On Location: Artists explore a sense of place” using full body creation. The buy in was huge! I am excited to return to the Glenbow this year to offer extensions in their Open Minds programs with schools that see possibility.

So many ideas at Sunset Theatre!

In July, as most of you know, Sunset Theatre in Wells BC sponsored me to write a new show. It was a complete blast! Professional dramaturgy, stage management and a wisdom circle enriched my discoveries. I have returned to Calgary with a one woman show for those big kids known as adults. “Queen Bee” is a reflection of how my mother taught me to be strong. I was bullied for over 6 years of my life when I moved from small town Saskatchewan to big city Calgary in the early 60s. I wanted to use humour to drive the point home. I found much laughter in the vignettes. It was great to include my singing voice again. I have found a new hive! Hahahaha

In August I wrote, rewrote and found beautiful through lines to two other stories for my fourth book. I offered a PD to Dr. Gordon Townsend School educators where they became the students finding the story in their hands and working on table top discoveries.

I use as many natural materials as I can.

I also taught a series of workshops to preschool children for Oaks and Acorns Montessori Childcare as well as their Casa program. The North Wind learned to transform into a cool breeze and a child learned to call wolf when you can really see and appreciate them. Twists to traditional stories were extended through storytelling boxes. My new thing! Hahaha

Returning to Artist in Residencies in September my soul was filled to overflowing as the children crowded me for hugs in the hallway at the Montessori School of Calgary. If ever I needed an affirmation that what I do is purposeful, that was it. The children defined “peace” with open innocent discussion and then spent meditative exploration with our storytelling boxes. These boxes will be filled weekly with treasures all connected to “peace”. Paper doves will fly and hope will return with every discovery.

And that’s where I went!

Much love!

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