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What I did for LOVE!

“Won’t forget, can’t regret what I did for LOVE….”

(“Chorus Line” music by Marvin Hamlisch, lyrics by Edward Kleban)

I did it!

I loved the teachers and they loved me back!

It was a whirlwind time of hugs and affirmation as I guffawed my way through the Calgary Teachers’ Convention finding beautiful paths leading to warm hearted educational warriors! My conclusion, the kids are in GOOD hands AND teachers need time to LAUGH!

“Kiss today goodbye….”


I did it!

I broke my wrist!

BUT, I did it for LOVE!

I was skating. I LOVE skating!

Someone had broken bottles on the ice. So many little ones learn to skate at our local rink that I couldn’t ignore it. I did a fine job picking up the bits and pieces….initially…..and then did a fine job on myself! DOWN SHE GOES! “Help!” I said to no one in particular. A lovely stranger appeared and got me to the bench. “Help!” I called my son who took me immediately to the wonderful Sheldon Chumir clinic. One week later, surgery was imminent. “Help!”

“And point me toward tomorrow….”


I did it!

This cowgirl had to give over the reigns.


In the process I counted the number of people who had helped me. It was an impressive list of over 20 health care professionals that I knew by name before I left the Rocky View Hospital with pins and a plate in my arm and amazing stories about these selfless individuals. My only complaint was that I never did get to see the end of the “Doc Martin” series I had been watching in great luxury from my hospital bed. I mean, TV in bed!

“Gone, Love is never gone….”


I did it!

I forced myself to reflect!

My work is all about LOVE, people.

I came across this video clip taken from River Valley School where I invented unique drama programs from K to 6.

Risk, renewal, rejoicing and resonance past the classroom will always be my markers of success.

“Look my eyes are dry, The gift was ours to borrow…”


I did it!

The pity party is over.

I have been surrounded by compassionate caring individuals who allowed me to change my entire schedule! Wow! Mentors, friends, soul mates and family continue to love me through this.

I am writing and I can’t stop! It could be because I have both hands semi-operable again or maybe it is because I took the time to LOVE myself back. Right Maria?

The healing is tedious but there’s a message in it for me. I just have to put LOVE first.

“As we travel on, Love’s what we’ll remember….”

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