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We went BATTY!!!

(Lana's residency at Calgary Changemakers School

Bat behaviour has fascinated my Changemaker friends and me for the past few weeks.

Garbage bags tied together became leathery wings.....

and cave chambers......

.........where little bats slept upside down!

Children discovered echolocation as they screeched to my sound cues! We gobbled bugs and knew that the sunrise meant sleep. Ah the bliss of creation.

Of course humour returned with whimsical puppets who spoke bat language. Students built environments in a limitless world of play.


What about DIVISION TWO???

My buddies have returned with GUSTO and, I must say, PANACHE!!!!

I supplied the mustaches but they supplied the fun!

Who knew what lurked behind the door?

Trick or treat?

Look what they came up with!

It was a pre-Halloween hoot! What a great way to remind everybody that laughter is the best medicine!

Much love to my Changemaker friends!

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