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“Under the Winter Sky”, an Artist in Residency weaving sky science, democracy and seasonal changes

There is a jewel of a school tucked away on a quiet street called The Montessori School of Calgary near downtown. The kindhearted staff and students have already embraced my work as we joined in multi-aged groupings to build star formations!

Benevolent leaders guided visions. From gas particles to gravity pull and nuclear fusion a Protostar was born! I am not kidding! This was the first day! Quickly we took large elasticized fabric and stretched our bodies into abstract and concrete forms. They celebrated community with the ties that bound them.

They built houses and flew freely.

The Lower Elementary students had plenty of giggles as we improvised comedic voices using “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. They have begun a journey about a grumpy senior who needs to learn to have fun. The UEs delighted in the “Annoying” game personifying a star determined to earn importance in the solar system!

There will be so much more!

Celebrating the multi-cultural aspect of winter we will culminate our study in January! Picture silhouetted figures lit outside the school to invite the audience in from the cold night sky. Perfect!

I left with the gentle snow falling softly on the empty playground. The slow ride home made me think of how much I love to create.

Soon we will build winter spirit masks and invent our own constellations. Soon I will be researching the winter skies and figuring out how to do a living installation of all that we will learn.


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