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The REAL gift!

“Even though life doesn’t give you the gift you want, the real gift is life itself.”

(from a very wise Division Two student at

The Calgary Changemaker School)

The bright sun and smiling faces of The Calgary Changemaker School

welcomed me once again on February 24 as I retold “The Fisherman and His Wife” story where both characters were greedy and thoughtless. I love to “expand” old tales!

Fabric flowed and colourful shields rolled into ocean images with clever flounder fish swimming below.

This little guy got all wrapped up in creation.

How big was the fisherman's house when he returned?

“Ms. Lana! Look how I made the fish!”

Mittens as aquatic life!

I was astounded at the children’s creativity this week

and their unique approaches to the visual.

Exploration was key. Nobody disappointed me. The laughter enveloped all of us.

They were just hanging around….hahahaha!

Kayaking anyone?

Fast-paced games like

“Ouick Draw” and “Freezies” had students clamouring for a turn!

The teachers joined in!

There was spontaneous role-play

and giggles galore!

Once again, we ended in ritual. I get so much joy from making little totems for them to cling to.

With the last of my props swung securely over my back, I passed by the side of the school, heading for home.

I stopped and looked at what the children had done.

It was…muddy, messy and marvelous!

The message was clear, “Make YOUR mark!”

Now, THAT'S a gift!

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