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The 60s are here, man!

Hey blog readers! I am back after a brief hiatus into birthday frivolity!

The 60s are here, man! Yes, I have officially entered that decade with humour, energy and, I must admit, a lot of sass!! Hahaha! Two cakes later, delicious Indian food and more celebrations this week, I am looking through those rose coloured glasses into a year of major shifts and creative sparks!

My new year has always begun with the fall. The fresh air, bright colours and shorter days invigorate me. Returning from Edmonton on meandering back roads reminded my sister (a visual artist) and I how important it is to live with eyes open. Our perpetual seeking has given us the gift of vision whether whispered between us or shared with an audience. It’s truly not a choice but a “must do”. By the end of our drive, we both determined to do more!

***House concerts await with a combination of music I love and stories that pour out of me like exhaling air!

***Short spurts of exhilarating fun and plans for an evening concert cabaret has begun!

***My “I love you, Teacher” workshop has morphed into a beautiful presentation to nurture those frontline warriors! Gulp! I want to give them a PD of bolstering their confidence without a handout out!!!

As you can see, I am NOT winding DOWN but definitely winding UP!!! I encourage all of you to do the same.

I guess I am finding my inner “pearl”. Pretty cool, I think! Or should I say, “Far out!”

Love to all of you groovy people! Lana

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