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Teachers, can you hear me?

As the weight of this year’s end becomes heavier on their backs our warriors continue with curriculum- driven field trips, reading testing and math skill building.

Their compassionate guidance through their students’ difficult waters with social maturation shows them wiping tears from a cheek, offering hugs when necessary and speaking soothing words of genuine concern.  Missing lunch is not an uncommon practice when it comes to serving someone else’s needs.

A reassuring phone call to a parent is returned, a cup of tea is set on a desk for a colleague that needs cheering up and another late night is spent trying to find the best phrase for a report card reflection. 

These are the teachers I have come to know and love.  

Teachers, can you hear me?

By the end of next month they will be done, spent and exhausted.  They will be tired from the battle.  Some hills will have been claimed while others will be climbed next season with new armour and better energy.  

The self-reflection of checking the pluses and minuses of their own instruction will burden them. They will return to their homes weary, reuniting themselves with those who have waited for that day to come. 

Teachers, can you hear me?

YOU have been the other part of my work.  

YOU are the sensitive and intuitive echo of my visions.  

YOU are the extra pair of hands when I get inspired.  

YOU are the interpreter and bridge builder to further application.  

YOU are the worker bees, the ones who make my ideas hum in an educational hive of activity.

Teachers, can you hear me?

Let ME serve YOUR needs.  

Let ME offer MY PHRASES to HELP YOU describe the work. 

Let ME help YOU get students PREPARED for the tests that will come.

Teachers, can you hear me?   You are not alone.  Let’s love the world and LEARN together!

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