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Take time to read a story

Do you remember listening to stories when you were little? I sure do! Dad always read to us. I particularly loved putting my head to his chest while he made his voice go deeper. My sister and I would get hysterical. Bedtime was a problem after that. He was too much fun!

The tradition of reading to the family continued with my own. My husband took over the role and we savoured the quiet cuddles with our children as they listened intently to the words.

Every time I had an idea for a new story, I would test it out at bedtime with my eldest son. My daughter hadn’t been born yet. That was when my stories were just beginning to form. He loved them. He still does. We were just talking about that over coffee today as he encouraged me to get some of my stories in picture book form.

Hmm…….imagine that.

My daughter was introduced to my career before she was born! I will never forget performing for a teachers’ breakfast when I was eight months pregnant with her. It should come as no surprise when I tell all of you that she is training to be a musician and is a naturally intuitive actor.

Stories are such a powerful medium. I am so grateful to have three books to my credit. So many readers have told me how they like to take their time and read them with care. It is satisfying to know that they can feel the love on the pages.

The November sun will be setting soon.

I hope you take time to read a story today.

I hope you settle into your soft chair with the light glowing just enough to reveal the words on a page that will lift your spirits.

Much love to you all!

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