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Tai Chi and tally-ho!

Okay, so that was probably politically incorrect since “tally-ho” is a hunter’s call and Tai Chi does not represent that in any way, shape or form but basically, I AM on the hunt! As some of you already know, 60up is all about challenging myself emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and, God forbid, physically! Please note how I put “physically” at the very end.

Focused adept Tai Chi participants surrounded me last night. Many years ago I had taken a few classes that removed the stage fright I thought was a necessary “process” to my acting journey. Not!!! It was invaluable and I dropped it. Sound familiar? Why do I do that? Why do I drop the practices that are the healthiest? I lose focus so easily. That’s why when I work with children who have difficulty attending I smile knowingly. They are my people!

So these women (mostly my age and older) moved gracefully through their routine with tremendous tenacious hearts. The one fly in the room insisted on buzzing around my face! It was probably attracted to my terror sweat! Bones creaked, muscles complained and I watched the clock. Holy crap, Batman!!!! My dear instructor, God bless her, used every minute!

I hoisted myself into my vehicle and came home, filled my face full of popcorn and reflected as my body started to seize up. This morning, many coffees later, I reminded myself how important starting is and re-committed myself to the challenge. Crap! I want ice cream!

The day before, my dear husband and daughter took me on a “leisurely” paddle on the Upper Lake in the Kananaskis. I played “African Queen” in the middle until the water got choppy. Hey, this wasn’t my plan! The wind picked up. I watched the two of them master the challenges with confidence as my arms turned into noodles. “Uh honey, you know if you get tense it affects the boat,” warned my husband. I snapped back something like, “I am just fine!” Liar.

When we got back to shore I could barely get out of the boat. The two of them gingerly hoisted the canoe over their heads and refastened it to the car. I sat inside warming up as my daughter took pictures of the now calm water while her father jumped into the icy cold lake. Well at least I was out there. It was eleven kilometers of beautiful views. Funny what I see when I look up and get over myself.

The trumpet is sounding and I am off again! Walking outside isn’t an option in this smoke but a stationary bicycle beckons. Tally-ho!

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