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Play and Possibilities!

Our lesson last week at the wonderful Calgary Changemaker School was focused on the theme of being a helpful friend. Aesop’s tale, “The Lion and the Mouse”, fit perfectly as we delved into innovation.

I invited the students to use giant elasticized fabric, hoops, snow and their bodies to depict the scenes in our story. Look at the outcomes! We were just “lion” around! Hahaha

Snowman Relay was a blur of activity! Photos were impossible. We were having too much fun!

And then it was bubble time!

I mean, SCIENCE!

The transformation of bubbles in the cold left us awestruck.

Who would have thought that a penny's worth of Loonie Store supplies could bring so much joy?

“I caught one! I caught one!”

“It’s sticking to my finger.”

"Ms. Lana, when it bursts it looks like plastic!”

Handmade hearts were given to thank them for being “helpful friends”. Requests poured in as the students said goodbye.

“Could you bring the sticks back?”

‘Hey, Ms. Lana! Let’s play that game again next time!”

“Do we get to keep the bubble containers? Cool!”

Light-hearted play and fresh air. I couldn’t ask for anything more. The Calgary Changemaker School rewards me--



and soul!

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