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Where did it go?

I know process is essential.

I know that stories take time.

I know that creation is messy business.

I know that!

I know the more I know the less I know.

I know one step forward can mean two steps back.

I know it’s not over until it’s over.

I know that!

I know that you know what I know.

I know that I know what you know.

I know “the universe is unfolding as it should”. (Thanks “Desiderata”!)

I know that!

Then, why am I sooooooo impaaaatiiiieennnnnt?

I trudged through the valley near my house.

Coerced by a dear friend for my nightly waddle, we descended.

My eyes were scanning the grey brown hills and leafless trees. I was desperate to see ANYTHING that gave me a hint of SPRING! Cold clouds dulled the sky as the wind picked up and then, I gasped! There they were! I had missed them so many times before. These beautiful fleeting marvels were better than roses from this prairie girl’s perspective. Just look at them!

I returned home and attacked my work with gusto! Imagine. That was all I needed, a prairie crocus to cheer me up. The energy buoyed me until the next day. I started to design my PSA for schools next year. After quickly sending off the template to the printer I zoomed to pick them up by the end of the day! Now, I am on my game!

What? Look at what? Oh no! Noooooo!!! A typo? Are you kidding me?


Where did it go?

I know that process is essential…….I think you get the drift.

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