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Open the DOOR, walk on THROUGH!!

Hello Folks!

I de-blogged myself for over a year!

Instagram was a quicker way to share my projects.

Filled with gratitude and heart bursting, I give great thanks to Calgary Changemaker School, Montessori School of Calgary, Jennie Elliott School and Calgary Montessori School as 2022 comes to a close!!!!

The children and staff rebuilt my visions for Artist in Residencies, supported new approaches AND helped me get back to my BOOK.

“What book?”

“When did you write a book?”

“Where did you find the time?”

It was a HAVE TO situation. It had been "in process" for six years!

Unlike my usual approach (avoid, avoid, avoid), I wrote daily.

Exhausting? Yup.

Frustrating? Sometimes.

Rewarding? You betcha.

There was a big WE involved since last November. Key players in the process have made it happen. My mentors were many.

Sally Truss (story editor, performing artist, strategist, researcher, extraordinary arts administrator, author and much much more) was invaluable, setting up a rhythm to our regular meetings to keep me on track, listening, re-awakening me and leading with great respect.

Winn Bray Rathbun (playwright, Theatre for Young Audience specialist, performer, author) dared to meet me masked and distanced soothing my spirit and bolstering my initial visions.

Samantha Whelan-Kotkas ("Sam"), (writer, producer, musician, teaching artist, performer, author) always found time for me.....texting....emailing....whatever it took.

My sister, Caryl Skauge (visual artist, textile wizard and creative companion) pulled me out of the city weekly to rekindle my visions.

Weyman Chan (poet, brother) willingly read my last draft as I broke into a cold sweat! So honoured.

It was a vulnerable, terrifying and necessary process.

My faithful publisher, Brian Hades of Edge Publications, looked into my eyes and said,

“It’s your best work.”

I made him repeat it just in case I was dreaming.

So, OPEN THAT DOOR, folks!

Walk on through.

You don't know until you take action.

I'm still trying the locks.

I'm still looking at film shorts.

I'm still curious.

Come follow me and we will make a beautiful chaotic mess together.

The book has been printed.

My sister's artwork is on the front cover.

The launch has been set for May 7, 2023 at cSPACE.

And the details will follow.

It is a VERY Happy New Year!

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Woooohooooo! Well done Lana! It’s marked in my calendars!!! 🤣🥰

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