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Online and Onward!

I know, I’ve missed a few weeks. When projects overlap, sometimes I just have to take time to eat and sleep…hahaha..Who am I kidding? That’s for next week.

I knew that the lockdown was inevitable but my heart sunk. Would this mean that I would have to say goodbye to my Changemaker buddies?

I wracked my brain to come up with something the kids would find irresistible. 48 pizza boxes transformed into elephant puppets thanks to my entire family’s help! Covered in grey fleece, compliments of my sister, the puppets were delivered to the school for Wellness Wednesday.

After telling a story I found from India about an elephant who befriended a stray dog, we got down to some great fun. Each student was asked to choose three objects and “discover” them like an elephant. The Division Two’s shared “Naughty Elephant” scenarios that made us all chortle. Elephants ate cars, mother’s flowers, toys and were a general nuisance.

We began exploring our hands and finding the movement with them, returning to the natural world if only in our hearts. Small hands spread out for a bird’s wings as knuckles and fingertips made mountain ranges. Students called out their ideas, challenging me with sophisticated movements. Abstract and beautiful. Soon they will be an integral part of our next discovery.

What about the DRAGONS????? (a recap)

Before the lockdown, it was all about dragons! One of my favourite stories of all time is “The Reluctant Dragon” by Kenneth Graham. And wouldn’t you know it fell on the same week as St. George’s Day!

Students were given shields and managed to fake fight their dragon into a new friendship. The next week Robert Munsch’s “Paperbag Princess” lured us back into the dragon kingdom where students were awarded with flying cup dragons to extend the merriment. That Elizabeth was one smart cookie! How did she know to appeal to the dragon’s ego? Hmmmmm….a very sly tactic indeed.

Students have been building noodle skills…yes, I said it…noodle skills finding clever ways to balance using various sizes with frisbees. I found a cool game that I want to develop using hoops to lasso balls. We are ready to challenge each other. Have faith, kids! The games will return! Mr. B and I are scheming about a pool noodle obstacle course….it’s gotta happen!!!

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