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Loving the Earth

-a sensory exploration where rocks share their power, wind speaks in twirls and the sun beams its energy to help us grow! 

Ms. Lana invites all to stay for tea when we will show our treasure-filled storytelling boxes! 


This week I had a feast for my soul!

In celebration of Earth Day, kindergarten students from the Montessori School of Calgary became our teachers as they demonstrated their exploration of earth, wind and fire in movement motifs and words from their hearts.  

New items were placed in their cherished storytelling boxes weekly representing a theme. It was my hope that these earth symbols would trigger further inquiry at home.  Stones and white ribbon wind sticks, butterflies and tapestry bags holding tiny seashells made the experience that much richer. They were so happy to FINALLY take them home!

Our last day together had to be followed by tea of course! Thanks to gracious teachers who helped me haul in my cups, saucers, teapots and coffee urn my mission was accomplished!

Warning: Lana ALWAYS has a mission!

Why, Lana? Is this really necessary?  Why do you bother?  

For so many years I would go from place to place and never get the chance to savour what had just happened creatively.  I was so driven to do the project that I forgot to smell the roses. Well, that has changed!

Look at this community!!!

See these beautiful daffodils right outside the school doors? I stopped and looked at them. Someone had vigilantly cleared their beds so that they could reach the sun AND I took the time to LOOK!

Thank you for loving the EARTH and ME

Montessori School of Calgary!

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