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Light the Night with a Story!

Last night was amazing! Nebulae! Gravity! Nuclear Fusion!

Students and parents made a sacred storytelling circle and the Lower Elementary children from the Montessori School of Calgary celebrated their findings in a piece called “Winter Sky Wonders” and the “Heeja People”.

Pink Floyd back dropped their explorations as hearts and hoops flourished in the space providing Science links (star formation and how snowflakes are created) to Social Studies (Heeja culture and their fundamental needs). Energized, open and committed to their summation, I watched on with joy and admiration for these brave hearts that dared to discover!

Upper Elementary students provided a multi-layered slideshow of their story entitled “The Fool’s Journey”.

Still shots captured their rich voyage through the complexity of emotional mapping the protagonist’s quest toward poignant revelations!

Intricately designed Spirit Masks brought other worldly magic and guidance for a Fool who needed to be reminded that perseverance was the key!

Story structuring to develop sequential events, message and character development culminated in an exemplary project.

Story Sample:

One last Spirit Guide appeared as old as the earth. He was the one who talked to the people in need. “When you think it is IMPOSSIBLE it IS impossible. When you think it is POSSIBLE it IS possible.”

Student comments:

“We worked on the techniques of low, medium and high.  We worked on the story of the fool using an emotional road.  I liked that it wasn’t strict.  Go off and make your own Spirit Guide.  You are able to choose what you wanted to do.”  (Christina)

“Fun! We got to move around. It is not something where you sit at your desk.”

“It was a lot different than the other classes we have. We actually got to play around and try new things and take a risk!” (Annabel)

“It was very Creative. We made Spirit Guides. Our job was to find out what our Spirit Guide does in life.” (Alexie)

“When you make up your own story it feels like you made something emotional and it was nice to do it. I was grateful…in other schools you don’t get to do it.” (Ibrahim)

“You said that I was smooshing different subjects together…Social, Language Arts. I saw the different ways to learn. It was really fun!” (Lillian)

Thank you Montessori School of Calgary for this affirming moment!

Presented with beautiful flowers….

….that now adorn my dining room, I sit in awe of this rich and soul fulfilling work!  Spring will bring explorations with kindergarten children ending with a special tea and sharing.

What a wonderful creative world I live in!


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