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LEAP! When projects Converge!

Changemakers................cSPACE..............Coventry Hills

The Calgary Changemaker School

Yes, I said it! Leap! After finding an amazing story about a deaf frog who dared to leap instead of being afraid, I had to laugh. It represented my life. Hold onto your hats! Ms. Lana has been buzzing!

Under a parachute canopy, The Calgary Changemaker students changed my world once again. Re-enacting a tale that encouraged us not to listen to negative thoughts but to remain focused on our goal students crawled, rolled, jumped and leaped about! In the story (author unknown) a deaf frog partakes in a competition to see who could reach the top of the oak tree. Thinking that those below her were cheering her on (they were actually telling her it was impossible and to come down) she won! When I spoke to the students, we talked about how negative words can bring us down and we mustn’t listen to them. We had a great time being “cranky” that day! Especially in our taxi rides. Wait a minute! Is this for me or the kids?

Mr.B gave me my very own frog to commemorate the day and I handed out the frog keychains reminding the students to move forward in whatever they did. Hmmm, I heard that!


Wham! I took my own personal leap and ended up in a beautiful theatre at cSPACE. Honoured to be part of their Creative Incubation Initiative, a story that had been a mere thought unfolded with ease as the sunlight cascaded onto the floor of an exceptionally pristine space. I worked non-stop for four hours and came out with a jewel of a piece…what a leap of faith!


Coventry Hills Online Residency

But it didn’t stop there. I made over 100 storytelling boxes to prepare myself for an online residency at Coventry Hills School. We just completed one week!

We are working on building emotional maps of a central character who is a newcomer to Canada. The boxes have objects and symbols that will help stimulate their imaginations divided up into Peru, Ukraine, India and Tunisia.

I made a miniature storytelling world for them. WOW!!!! The response was beautiful. A collective gasp came from one of the classes as they opened up to see their treasures.

I think I’m onto something! Time to change perspective!

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