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Invite! Ignite! Excite! (Meanwhile back at my Artist Residency)

Did you know that falling stars are really meteor showers? Did you know that when they hit earth’s atmosphere they begin to burn?

After three short sessions we are bursting with strong images for our summation in January at the Montessori School of Calgary!!! Reminding ourselves of the power of the circle we formed it in our hands. I explained to the children that we are all equal members of creation. How humbling it is to be with such open minds!

Did you know that snowflakes aren’t really white? Did you know that there can be 200 crystals attached to one dust particle to make a snowflake? Did you know that these fine students worked collaboratively creating giant snowflake images weaving cloth?

The neutral masks drew Upper Level Montessori students into stark and vivid images as they mirrored positive poses of power.

Soon after they delved into yucky mache work where dominant characteristics of personas they have yet to discover will play a prominent role in their collective study about democracy.

The sheer energy we receive from permission to exaggerate had us belly laughing over body leads! There is always a reason for the fun! Students quickly learned that morphing your body influences the character pulling us out of our comfort zone and into possibility.

What can this prop do?

Now how are we going to incorporate all of this inspiration? These students were on fire!!!

At the end of the day the Lower Elementary children devised a story. They were invited to create a land that required the basic needs. In one day, this is what they discovered:

Their make believe land where horses and dolphins are ridden for transportation have large houses accommodating extended family and friends. A beautiful rain forest and numerous beaches surround it. They are a happy and helpful culture of peace. One day, “The No” people come. They are negative and do not appreciate the “Heeja” way of life.

All of this came from a simple game of toe to toe, back to back and face to face along with a discussion about why people argue.

Now ask me if I love what I do? Let’s change the world with a story!

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