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I see space! I cSPACE! I mean I am in cSPACE!!!!!

Imaginarium by daniel j kirk and Katie Green


On a whim, on a dare, on a lick and a prayer I applied for the cSPACE Creative Incubator Initiative.


HOLY______ !!!

(Put in any superlative you care to. “Cow” will do.)

Yesterday we began. A fantastic team of filmmakers (MY DREAM!), business brand guru (PREACH BROTHER!) and a host of artists (MY PEOPLE!) will journey for five weeks redefining and fine-tuning our individual approaches to our art forms in this new world of pandemic challenges.

I am pumped. My project will feature video clips of new works promoting my fourth book, soundscaping, visuals from Calgary artists to support the words and voice over to bring home my stories into a new format .

Today mama got into the actual birthing room, the theatre---gorgeous. Welcomed by the encouraging eyes (even though masked) of CEO Deeter Schurig, I was led by Erin Maclean-Burko (weaver of possibilities/patient provider of everything) and the technicians Juan Hertado and Branden Boyd (gentle/kind/masters of buttons and stuff that I pretend to understand) to survey the digs.

Soft natural sunlight from large south facing windows contrasted with beautiful black curtains that could easily cocoon me into my creative incubation.

I was encouraged to wander after this welcoming crew left my gibbering.

I DO talk when I am inspired…nervous…energized…vulnerable…ignited…happy.

So, I wandered.

The space spoke to me.

Murals, sculptures, rooms and more rooms for artists...studios....think tanks....shops……

“You are with US now,” it all seemed to say.

Heart beating fast, I drove off taking the long way home. It wasn’t just the pot of coffee I drank before I got there. It was that my secret wish to expand my artist voice was finally unfolding.

Matthew O'Rielly's "Navel Gazing" from "Conehead and the Floor, cSPACE

I see so much space now….

…space to listen…

…space to learn…

…space to play with possibilities…

…and space to cross pollinate with many creative voices…

More to come!


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