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Collaboration Magic!

Dreams come true with fellow creatives at cSPACE!

I have dreamed about my words being carried forward in images and movement.
I have dreamed about being a catalyst for others who dare to journey to the unknown.
I have dreamed that the story will lead me to something new ....

An idea began to form while my friend Hamish Boyd (a fellow creative/professional healing clown) played his dulcimer for me. I shared my imaginings with Winn Bray (playwright and heart speaker) and left them until I entered cSPACE and happened.....

Through the incubator process I met artists who said,


"Yes!" to my words.

"Yes!" to discovery.

"Yes!" to risk.


Mackenzie Bedford (animator, illustrator, and designer obsessed with combining colour, light and movement)

“I have had such a fulfilling experience working with such different creative people, all glued together by Lana's words. The more I replayed the installation, the deeper I felt connected to it, finding new details every time. That makes it a joy to work with, as a medium, since there are so many routes to take. I loved the way we decided to go, in the end!! Thanks again for the opportunity to collaborate! I can't wait to see what we do next.”

Joceyln Mah (dancer, choreographer, puppeteer, director of interdisciplinary arts)

“Dearest Lana....Your artistry is inspiring, and your RADIANCE brings joy to all around you. Cheers to more collaborations in the future!”

Roger Helfrick (harpist, composer, vocalist)(
(Roger was not "physically there" but THERE in spirit!)

“Such a wonderful piece, the dance and lighting are wonderfully evocative; a perfect counterbalance to your voice and text. Thank you so for including me in your exquisite creation.”

Misha Maseka (filmmaker, composer, vocalist, writer)

"Working with Lana was pure joy. She is an artist that is joyful, finds joy in the process and brings joy out in others around her.

There is always a playful curiosity with Lana while she so effortlessly simultaneously states and discovers the profound."

The process was simple. I asked these incredible artists whom I had met through the cSPACE Incubator project 2021( to listen to what I had written and respond.

Mackenzie Bedford played with clips from filmmaker Misha Maseka ( create a beautiful rendering of film and light. Her tireless hours of work apart from our rehearsal painted a stunning portrayal. I called Roger Helfrick requesting to use some of his recordings.
His music purified the space with an ethereal holiness.

Mackenzie sent me her work before we added Jocelyn.

Meditative, detailed… connected to what I was trying to say. She superimposed many clips from the filmmaker's research onto three white boxes. Light and image moved in perfect timing to the music. Honestly, it was spellbinding.

Jocelyn Mah offered her sensitive, open and emotionally driven movement to make it complete. She took my breath away. She moved in ways I could only dream of moving. The words cradled her. I was so honoured by her interpretation.

After sharing it with invited guests I asked if they wouldn’t mind a step two…and this is what happened. I asked Tauran Wood (, the technician/designer, to run a camera…yeah right….I got THIS gift instead. It was suppose to be for archival purposes only but it says so much more. Here it is…We had met once, gone off, shown it once and then returned one Saturday....Here is the magic that unfolded....This is what creation is all about....
Such incredible willingness and trust!
Thank you, dear ones, for loving my work completely.

The trail of the One Woman Show is a lonely one.

Immersing myself into a creative hive has invited my soul

to fly in directions

I have only dreamed about.

The idea that my visions could transcend me

is where I want to head.

“Oh, the Places You’ll Go”

says Dr. Seuss.

I’m ready!


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