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Buckets of Fun!

Another adventure with my buddies at

The Calgary Changemaker School

did not disappoint as we screamed through the playground at the top of our lungs, galumphing about with noodles in hand!

Oh, yeah!

“Stone Soup” was re-imagined in quick tableaus as we wove our way through a tale of hope and encouragement. The children were reminded that when the villagers began to share, there was food for everyone.

Together IS better, especially when I get to hang out with this group!

Clever depictions of the wise man juxtaposed with furious cutting, chopping and mashing kept everybody busy! Repeated patterns anchored the rhythm of the story as the children jumped into creation.

Greedy villagers could not hoard their food any longer. The stranger had made the stone soup something they must try!

Wise man!

Groups challenged each other to shape building tasks topped with a relay race to make our own stone soup! Cooperative play at its finest!

Older students visited a movie theater exploring relationships and reactions in hilarious tableaus …..

...while little ones were handed buckets and cups to make their own worlds come alive.

The morning slipped through my fingers and before long I was packing up.

Compostable spoons with stones glued on securely were gentle reminders to share with each other. Oh, how I wish I had made some soup!

Creative ideas never stop…..there’s always more to do! I can’t wait to return.

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