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Bold, Bright, Beaming Belfast School!!!

Like the Northern lights—bold, bright, beaming Belfast School students recently participated in my oldest story “The Skywatcher” with brilliant energy followed by a full body collective sequel all done in 75 minutes!!! Teachers wove in and out of large student groupings doling out props as participants’ hands shot up in the air offering the next “magic three” sequence to see us through our new adventure!!!

The positive vibrations flooded the playing space with clever abstractions and insights. My drum resounded like my heart that overflowed with gratitude for this community of seekers!  “Is this really happening?” I asked myself as ideas flourished fearlessly in rapid succession with teachers as engaged as their students.

The creative mindset in this forward thinking school exuded in every hallway. Rich contrasting visuals boasted the latest forays where curriculum met the arts head on!!! Oh, mamma! Finely crafted kid centered representation was everywhere!

The very young mirrored their older counterparts hearing the same story in a smaller space gingerly forming body shapes while making object storytelling their focus for the sequel with treasures they got to take home!

I can’t wait to adjudicate the grade 5/6 projects.

They have been asked to create a theatrical design of my story!!! I mean, WOW!!!

Thanks, Belfast School!

My heart is bursting!!!

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