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Beautiful, inside and out!

Day three with the energized

Calgary Changemaker School students!

The tale of “The Ugly Duckling” was retold with attention to the transformative spirit that hides within us all.

Take another look! You ARE beautiful!

Hoops replicated stars, lakes and nests this week. Canada Geese wings attached to sticks immediately took flight! The students LOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEED it!

Why Canada Geese instead of swans? Since the geese are daily visitors over our heads I thought, why not? Did you know that Canada Geese follow the stars at night to guide them? Did you know that the strongest leads the flock switching flight leaders regularly regardless of gender? Cool, hunh?

I found out that at a certain temperature, my goose caller goes mute. Hahaha! That didn’t stop the students from honking away to help me. Who needed a goose caller?

Division Two found Twisted Fairy Tales from old favourites as they played with opposites. Tons of laughter!

We returned to diner improvisations this week. The simple dialogue was repeated three times with different exaggerated emotions. Oh, the melodrama! It was a hoot! We switched to playing genres recalling the same scene as cowboys, vampires and royalty. Again, so much fun!

Body leads... made us bound across the snow with various body parts pushed forward! Hilarity ensued as we discovered a myriad of animals. We played “This is not a Noodle” finding even more ways to use them!

At the end of our sessions, students got a reminder to echo the lesson.

I’ve always believed in the innate goodness of others.

Lucky me to celebrate with these gems!


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