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A Howling Great Time!

Day two at Calgary Changemaker School

and the students were up for anything!

“The Boy who Cried Wolf” was re-examined with pool noodles as human houses, forests and wolf caves. Hmmm. I wonder why the boy wanted the attention in the first place? Was he bored? Was he lonely? In my version, when he finally came upon the wolves and watched them he realized how fascinating they were.

We mimicked physical wolf behaviour. Oh yes, we did!

Students rolled in the snow finding dominant poses, submissive poses, lone wolf howling laments and so many more!

The villagers didn’t want him to lie anymore. The boy wanted connection. So, in our Division One exploration the wolves made a deal. The boy was the only one who could get close to them. He was told to study the pack and bring back his knowledge to the villagers.

The villagers were relieved. The boy found his purpose.

When we take another look at those classic tales there’s some modern spins to be found.

Oh, and then of course we played noodle tag where everybody loses with great joy! We tried to tag each other without anyone tagging us. Impossible! We had to react

LOUDLY each time we were touched by a noodle. Ridiculous and so healthy! Why? Because it is strictly for play!

Division Two students partook in relationship studies with tableaus, gibberish and Sound/Action games where exaggeration led the way. What was my secret desire? I wanted the students to acknowledge that not everything is said with our voices. Non-verbal visual cues are essential to the human experience!

All of students were given attributes of these regal creatures written on the back of pictures—"caring, playful, smart and devoted".

Perhaps we could learn from the wolves.

But hey, they were just playing a game, right? Hahaha!

Thanks to all the "Change Makers" who filled our day with laughter and heartfelt exploration!

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