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A GOLDEN opportunity!

Everyone becomes everything! That’s the beauty of collective storytelling. Full body creation at its finest happens when participants let go, let loose and let themselves PLAY! Then we all shine!

Bright morning sunlight mirrored the delight on this expressive crew at The Calgary Changemaker School as we explored an old Greek myth, “King Midas and the Golden Touch”…..

King Midas…

...went on a journey in his chariot. Don’t you LOVE teachers who get in there with the kids?

King Midas happened upon a magical satyr who wasn’t feeling well. Thanks to Mr. Pieter who taught me that a satyr is half two-legged goat and half human as opposed to a centaur who has four legs!

The King took care of the satyr and the magical being granted him a wish.

OOOOOps! Be careful what you wish for! Everything King Midas touched turned to gold!

His bed, his food, his beautiful flower garden....(see below...hahaha)

.... AND….his daughter (whose name was Marigold) all became solid lifeless objects!

What to do? Realizing his error, King Midas was granted a chance to change his circumstances. By the end of the story, all was restored. King Midas learned that the most important thing in his life was not golden treasure but his daughter, the garden and his duty to his people. Wow!

Games, games, games…keep us well! We played “Crack up the Royal!” and frozen tag, of course, to connect to the Midas theme!

Sky painting ribbons marked the promise of spring as the children gleefully skipped along in sheer joy of creation. I tried not to interrupt even though a million stories flew into my head! I witnessed pure discovery… beautiful.

The best compliment of all, “I don’t want to go.”

Little marigold seed bombs were handed out to remind the students to plant happiness during the spring break. Like Mahatma Gandhi said, “It is health that is real wealth. And not pieces of gold and silver.” I am rich indeed! Happy Spring to all!

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