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Winds of Change!

Day One of my new Artist in School Residency at Changemakers

woke me up to Alberta winds swirling around me! The ancient mountain backdrop astonished me. I felt grateful to take in the vast vista before me. Looking very much like the Michelin man I set up under an inviting tarp and smiled. The fire pit was the same one I have at home. Sturdy stumps provided ample space for students to gather and then…..ACTION!

I am happiest when moving! Ask anybody who knows me. No wonder working with kids fulfills me so much.

We began our trek with tons of laughter inspecting our hoops.I shared an old Aesop tale “The Wind and the Sun” with the Ks and Division One with full body expression of course and told with my personal interpretation.Blustery winds need friends too!I should know, I am all about energy…..hahahaha.In Division Two we played ridiculous games of conflict that had absolutely no solution.Why do we fight anyway?Gale force winds picked up our spirits as colourful cloths filled the sky.Home in my world the time flew by.I can’t wait to see what the next day will bring!Thanks Changemakers!What an inviting community!

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