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There’sssssSNOW Way! (pun intended)

There’sssssSNOW way that we could do everything!

Day four at the Calgary Changemaker School and the kids were pumped!

A fresh blanket of snow covered the yard as children leapt at the chance to make their mark with snow angels! Yes!

Then quickly we segued into s l o w m o t i o n and fast forward body movement. Exaggerated expressions and agile bodies flung themselves into make believe with no reservations! Awesome!

“The Tortoise and the Hare” was re-enacted using shields as body coverings, grasslands and trees.


Time flew by! So did the shields! hahaha

I mean, what do you expect when you give somebody a giant frisbee?

Flag sticks returned! Back by popular demand!

“Blood circle!” Someone called out.

Don’t be alarmed.

It was a cue to be careful and know that someone could get hurt if they got too close. Amazingly responsible students showed their prowess with incredible safety and awareness!

The humour was ever-present.

Pure joy filled my soul as students led the way!

I could say more but the pictures capture it all.

I slowed down and watched the wonderment enfold.

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