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Lessons from my garden!

I love gardening! Well, let’s rephrase that, I love the way I garden.

I try not to see my garden as a burden but an invitation to escape the “should” list. Yeah, I am one of those who putters about leaving some pots empty, others turned over and allowing hardier plants to flourish while saying a fond farewell to those who don’t. Weeding comes and goes. So what? We have a sign now that says “Experimental dandelion farm. Do not disturb weeds.” That always gives passersby a chuckle.

The apple tree, not pruned and dangling, has met the large juniper forming a perfect canopy for me to sit under as I sip a cup of coffee in hopes of inspiration. Gorgeous geraniums drop petals and renew themselves with very little help from me. The word “listen” is etched in stone to force me to pay attention and has been tucked away in a pot for me to ponder in the shade.

This is paradise.

Today I watered. Usually I let Mother Nature do this but the predominant heat has demanded it so that my perennials will resurface next year and we found a major hole in our rainwater cube. Nuts. I love using rainwater. I remember when my grandma pumped water for her garden. She even used her dishwater. Dry southern Saskatchewan taught me to appreciate every drop!

On a recent trip to Kelowna I was gifted some lavender by one of my dearest friends. I feel like she’s with me as I doctor the new member of my garden family. Come to think of it, there are a few plants in this meandering meadow that are very significant. A delicate Iceland poppy reseeds itself reminding my of my dear soul sister gone too soon and a persistent yellow rose bush juts out from the fence given by my tenacious gardening mom so many years ago. No wonder lingering here gives me so much peace.

From the sidewalk it might not look like much but my son has encouraged me to not get fussy. I appreciate that. Infact, the more I have left this garden alone, the better it has become. Less interference has brought a beautiful wild beauty to it all.

Oh where is that “should” list? I check the clock and I know there’s much to be done. Self-employment also means self-driven but sometimes you gotta kick off those boots and let your bare feet feel the earth again. You have to catch the flicker of a butterfly from the corner of your eye and savour the last of the raspberries in the palm of your hand.

Season change is coming….but for today…I will bask in a wee bit of heaven!

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